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We all work and live in the community and we know how hard it can be to balance your professional and private life.

Working a Premier Real Estate Agency means you'll have the best balance of both and a compensation package that can't be beat, even by any of the industry leaders.

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A career in real estate was always something I wanted to do but never had the courage to step up and go after it.  That was until I went to a career night with Marcy & Chris shortly after they had become Premier Real Estate Agency.  Their love of real estate excited me so much I started classes two days later and took my state exam two days after completing my required classes.

Although the course prepares you for many things there are so many more things to learn once you become licensed.  I truly feel the support and training that I received from Premier Real Estate Agency, Chris, & Marcy is the reason that I exceeded my goals for 2012.

The Premier Real Estate Agency teams locally and nationally are there to help you build your business into whatever you want it to be.  Their continued education, support, volunteerism, customer service ethics, & love of our community are just some of the reasons” I LOVE MY CAREER” with Premier Real Estate Agency!

Lori Solomon

Premier Real Estate Agency

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