Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to guide you through the journey, from thinking about moving to putting the key in your new front door.

Helpful Articles for Buyers

A Guide to Buying a Home for Newlyweds

For newlyweds, the best investment may be purchasing a new home. Owning a home is a better investment than renting and can help the newlywed couple build equity, and may even give you access to some tax breaks. Now buying a home is not an easy task and is a great...

Buying Your First Home (FAQ)

Listed below are some questions that buyers frequently ask us: Q. How many homes should I plan to view and how should I make the final decision? A. Generally you should view a number of homes so you can become familiar with what you can expect to get for your money,...

What Should I Do Before Making An Offer?

So you found the perfect house. It's closer to the center of town than you thought you would get. Great schools; green lawn ... and that backyard! You don't want to lose it, you know that it's perfect for you and your family and you want to move in now! First thing to...

You’ve Opened Escrow, Now What?

Congratulations, you are on your way to owning your very own home!  Follow these suggestions (and your realtor's advice) so that escrow and settlement with go as smooth as possible. You will be asked for a down payment on the home you are purchasing.  You can choose...

The Home Buying Process

Buyer Consultation

You and your Premier Sales Associate meet at your local Premier office for a “Buyer Consultation” to focus your search by analyzing what you want and need in a home.

Mortgage Approval

Your Premier Sales Associate will introduce you to the pre approval process and the importance of speaking with a mortgage lender– who can help you determine your price range with confidence.

Introduction to Tap into 360

Our tap into 360 Partners can be your one-stop shopping for financing, homeowners insurance and title insurance that can simplify your home purchase.

View Homes

You and your Premier Sales Associate tour available homes that meet your criteria. He or she helps you evaluate their relative merits and their true market value and also notifies you whenever new homes match your criteria.

Make an Offer

When you’re ready, your Premier Sales Associate can present a written offer in person to the seller, along
with a small deposit. The seller generally accepts your offer or makes a counteroffer to begin negotiations.

Reach Agreement

With your Premier Sales Associate serving as a skilled negotiator, you and the seller agree on price and terms,
including closing/settlement date.

Contract of Sale

Your deposit is placed in an Escrow Account as specified in your contract. In some states, an attorney review of the contract is customary.

Schedule Home Appraisal

Your Premier Sales Associate will communicate with your chosen lender to ensure the completed mortgage
application and the order of the appraisal.

Schedule Home Inspections

Pest inspections and any others are scheduled as required/desired. Should any concerns arise, your Premier Sales Associate will help you and the seller resolve them.

Insurance and Title

Our tap into 360 Partners can facilitate your title policy and coordinate your Homeowners Insurance.

Home Protection Plan

Your Premier Sales Associate explains the benefits of a home protection plan, with its full year of coverage on specified major systems and appliances in your new home.

Closing Confirmation

Our team confirms the date and location of closing/settlement with your attorney who (if applicable), confirms your title and the placement of your homeowners insurance policy.

Home Connections

Your Premier Sales Associate will provide a list of our tap into 360 Partners who can facilitate a wide array of services for your newly purchased home.

Get Closing Costs

Get final closing/settlement cost from an attorney or the lender.

The Final Walk-through

At a time scheduled by your Sales Associate, you look everywhere inside and around the home yourself.  Be sure that everything that’s supposed to be there is present and in the condition you expected, with nothing unwanted left behind.

At the Closing/Settlement

You sign mortgage and other documents You agree on adjustments for miscellaneous items (taxes, heating oil, etc.) The seller is paid and you receive your title (or deed) and keys. Be sure to bring your photo ID and any required funds to closing.