Loyalsock, PA

Early residents of Loyalsock Township took advantage of the area’s abundant natural resources and favorable landscape to grow the community and make the area an important part of Lycoming County.
Spanning from the Loyalsock Creek on the east, to the Lycoming Creek on the west, Loyalsock Township encompasses a broad range of residential, commercial and rural areas and is one of the most diversified areas of Lycoming County. Loyalsock’s busy ‘Golden Strip’ area along East Third Street is the location of many retail and dining establishments, as well as many small shops and stores. It also serves as a thoroughfare between Williamsport and communities to the east, such as Montoursville and Muncy.

Today, Loyalsock Township is a thriving, densely populated area, to which some 11,000 people call home.

Local Government

Loyalsock Township


Schools K-12

  • Phone: 570.326.6508
  • Address:
    1720 Sycamore Road,
    Montoursville, PA
  • Web: www.ltsd.k12.pa.us
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Parks & Recreation

  • Susquehanna State Park‎
    460 Susquehanna Drive