South Williamsport

History of South Williamsport

From South Williamsport’s early days to the present, its success has been tied directly to that of Williamsport. Major industries such as sawmills and furniture making followed suit with Williamsport’s lumber boom in the late 1800’s. And to this day one of Williamsport’s major travel arteries, Route 15, runs directly through the heart of South Williamsport, making it an important part of daily life in Lycoming County.
Separated from Williamsport by the Susquehanna River, South Williamsport is located at the base of Beautiful Bald Eagle Mountain. Over 6,400 residents call South Williamsport home, but each year the town welcomes thousands of visitors to the Little League Museum and every August the town revolves around the Little League World Series which brings teams and supporters from around the world to our area.

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