Knowing The Local Communities

by | Jul 8, 2020

How can I find out if I am buying in a safe neighborhood?

There are lots of great resources you can use to learn about neighborhoods. While Realtors aren’t permitted to give specific direction on this, there are other ways to check. Spend some time in each area, talk to neighbors or friends nearby, or even contact your local police departments. A quick Google search can also provide statistics that can give you an objective idea about the safety of each area.

Why are taxes lower in certain municipalities and school districts?

Taxes are based on the assessed value of the property and the mileage rate that is specific to each municipality. Some municipalities have higher mileage rates than others based on the needs of the specific area, as property taxes are important source of revenue for the community. Mileage rates can be found on the county website. Some municipalities may have higher taxes, but you may also be able to get a larger or more updated home for a lower price in those areas.

What are home values in rural areas as compared to suburban and rural areas?

Calculating the value of a home is a complex process. and location
is only one piece to consider in making that determination. Realtors must examine the condition of the property. Lot size, upgrades, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, zoning, etc. A strong real estate market also greatly impacts property values. In my experience, there are buyers looking to live in both rural and urban/suburban areas, so value would be more specific to the features of that specific home.

What would be my best approach on searching the best
school district for my child?

Ask lots of questions! If you like to do research, check out some of the school rating sites like or But my advice is don’t stop there! Talk to friends family and even teachers in those districts. And don’t forget to talk to the schools as well! If you reach out to the school your child would attend in that district, most will happily set up a meeting to discuss their school’s strengths and benefits and