Questions to Consider Before Buying a Home

by | Jul 14, 2020

What are the top three questions buyers should ask about a home they’re interested in?

The top three questions/concerns once you find the home you are interested in are the price, condition and location.

  • Is it priced fairly for the current market?
  • Is the condition suitable to your needs?
  • Is this the location you’ve been dreaming of?

What are your best tips to help a buyer negotiate the best price?

Work with a trusted buyer’s agent who knows the current market. Your agent will have access to information including similar homes that have recently sold. Once your agent has done their research, make an offer you feel comfortable with and that your agent believes is reasonable.

How can a buyer make their offer stand out?

A great way to make your offer stand out is to write the seller a letter. Sharing your personal story can be very helpful, especially when the seller has multiple offers. If indeed it is a multiple offer situation, ask your agent to include an escalation clause with your offer.

How can a buyer get a comprehensive overview of the home’s history?

The best way to get the most comprehensive overview is by working with a professional real estate agent. We will work in your best interest and provide you with a list of other professionals that will also guide you in the decision making progress. Many issues can arise when buying a home including termites, high radon, cracked foundation, leaky roof, water in the basement. If these issues arise, we will help you find licensed inspectors/contactors so you can make informed decisions.