Understanding the Multiple Listing Service

by | Jul 23, 2020

What is the Multiple Listing Service?

Commonly referred to as the MLS, the Multiple Listing Service is one of the most effective and quickest ways to get the most exposure to your property.

Do I need the MLS to sell my home?

You do not need the MLS to sell your home, but it is definitely recommended. Don’t you want as many people as possible seeing the details and photos of your home?

As a seller, why does it benefit me to list my property for sale in the MLS?

As a seller, you will benefit greatly from listing your property in the MLS. Realtors are constantly checking the MLS for listings that may fit the criteria of their buyer clients. In addition, listings, price changes, etc can be sent immediately to buyers if their Realtor has added clients’ wants and needs to an automatic search.

Will listing my home in the MLS net me more money from the sale?

By having your home in the MLS, you have more potential buyers which will potentially lead to netting more money from the sale. Typically, higher demand leads to a higher sale price. The average list-to-sell ratio in Lycoming County in the past 6 months is .97, which indicates that properties are selling very close to list price.

What kind of exposure will my home receive through the MLS?

In addition to exposing your property to over 300+ Realtors in our local marketing area, many websites such as Realtor.com and Real Estate Brokerages pull information from the MLS to display on their sites.